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The 3rd International Day: Enthusiasm Burning in the Rain

November 22 , 2016

On March 13th, the third International Day was held on the playground accompanied with drizzles. Despite that the rain gradually got heavier during the event, the visitors’ enthusiasms were not extinguished. Featuring booths, exotic costumes and tasty cuisine decorated the raining scene.    

Splendid as the continuous performances on stage were, the audiences’ applause and exclaim were provoked from time to time. One of the most popular performances, the Chinese song sung and danced by foreign teachers,which was practiced diligently before the event, manifested the teachers’ vigor and unique perspective towards Chinese culture. Their red dresses were as if warm fire sparkled in the cold rain, igniting visitors’ great interests. Other diverse and well-prepared shows presented by clubs and classes reveled the foreign countries’ distinguished manner and national spirits. For instance, the stage play performed by our class named “paralogism” narrating a Japanese warrior who met the future himself for redemption of murders, reveled the justice and kindness of a righteous herald. Dressed in the unique custom plaid skirt and tidy shirt, like a gentle breeze blown from exotic area, students from Douglass performed the Scottish dance bringing the spectators the vitality towards lives of indigenous people. Other performances including the form of fairytale on stage, singing and dancing performances unceasingly satisfied the visitors’ surprise and curiosity towards foreign culture.
   Besides the performance of the main stage, the visit to venders embodied different countries in the world and the thrilling auction filled up the whole day event. The continuous peddling of goods from classes attracted passengers’ attention. “German typical sausages and beers! You should never miss it!” shouted the leader of the German group, who had already visited the German Embassy for dedicate preparation for the event. After an hour of the beginning of International Day, sausages were so popular that the supplement was needed for the status of sold-out. After one-day arduous work, our “marginal” group on the playground ended up International Day with a victory of 4,400 RMB for charity, which was not even the highest one among all the countries. It obviously showed the popularity of the International day was not pale in front of the heavy rain.     

At least to me, perhaps the annual rain on the International Day is a symbol of up-coming “Offer Rain”!