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HFI AP program class of 2016 university admission report

November 22 , 2016

Up until April 12th 2016, the 121 students in AP program class of 2016 have received in total 610 university offer letters, including those from Princeton University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, Brown University, Cornel University, Vanderbilt University, Washington University at St. Louis, University of California--Berkeley, Vassar College, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Hong Kong University, Sydney University, and University of Toronto. In total they were offered scholarship of over 2.8 million US dollars.

With increasing competitions in oversea university applications, HFI AP students still managed to achieve great results, receiving offers from top universities like Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford. We maintained our record of over 90% of students being admitted to national top 50 US universities, 57% to national top 30 US universities, liberal arts colleges, art and design schools, as well as universities in Canada and Hong Kong, and 20% to national top 20 US universities and liberal art colleges.