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Guangzhou Debate Tournament--HFI Wins!

November 28 , 2016

The HFI Debate Team fared very well this past weekend at the Guangzhou Regional Tournament, hosted at Xiangjiang High School International Department. After four preliminary rounds on Saturday, the top 16 teams advanced to elimination rounds on Sunday. 8 of our students (two Year 10 students and six Year 11 students) at the competition advanced. Our teams ended up debating each other quite a lot (we were one fourth of the elimination round participants). The good news is that in the elimination rounds, no one beat our teams except other HFI teams!


In octofinals, three of our students (Angela and Iris, and Lincole in team with student from Guangdong Experimental High School) were eliminated. That left two teams and the other one in team with Huafu student. In quarterfinals, our students has eliminated their competitors. In semifinals, our only Year 10 team (Alicia and Kelly) was defeated. Our Year 11 students(Claire and Selina, and Coco was in team with student from Huafu) advanced to final round. That meant we had three of the four remaining tournament finalists. The only other finalist left was actually from Huafu! Claire and Selina (Y11) defeated Coco (Y11) and her teammate (from Huafu). 

Thus, we had 1 octofinalist team and one student in team with GD Experimental High School, 1 semifinalist team, and the second place (Coco in team with student from Huafu) and first place team!
We also received six (Claire, Lincole, Selina, Coco, all Year 11, and Alicia, Kelly,Y10) of the top ten speaker awards (out of a total of 142 debaters).
It is safe to say that the HFI debate team dominated the competition this past weekend!